Jacuzzi® Website J-500 Interactive experience

Graphic Design / Website / Video / 3D Animation / Interaction

A complete and engaging window, an interactive experience, to get in touch with the prestigious new Jacuzzi® J-500 SPA. Different forms of communication converge in this embodiment, in order to ensure an effective and innovative product presentation, using, at best, new web technologies and the emotional impact of virtual reality.

3D Modelling

Starting from two-dimensional drawings the hot tub has been rebuilt in 3D with special focus on its harmonious shape and its distinctive details. After the modeling phase, the work focused on texturing to convey the concept of customization and present the product in each possible finish. The contextualization of the product in 3D environments with a strong emotional connotation, has finally completed the work of render creation.

Website J-500 Jacuzzi® - Neiko


The development of the website took into account new needs and trends of navigation that the network public requires. Interactivity, innovation, involvement, originality. The J-500 website allows a deep knowledge of the product and enhances its features through the union of different programming technologies, telling about the new dimension of comfort and well-being, signed Jacuzzi®.

Website J-500 Jacuzzi® - Neiko


The Jacuzzi® J-500 favors the style and tastes of each user. Through the interactive experience of configuration, to be lived inside the website, the user may choose different arrangements of the product, to create a personal sense of aesthetics and comfort.

3D Video / Animation

The 3D modeling of the product wasn’t only the basis for static renders, but also cognitive experience to be reproduced through 3D animated videos. Animations, in order, are used to tell the product, in conjunction with infographic gimmicks, from different points of view: from the maintenance procedures to the aesthetic and functional aspects, up to the explanation of the different massage stages enjoyable within the SPA.

Device compatibility

Website J-500 Jacuzzi® - Neiko

The realization of the new website for Jacuzzi® could not miss the responsive functionality. The site, therefore, turns out to be optimized for any device ensuring an agile and immediate use for any type of content.

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