Italiana Ferramenta Website K12 Product website

Graphic / Web development / Video / 3D

Italiana Ferramenta is a leading company specialized in the production of high quality accessories and hardware for the furniture industry.
The objective of the client, through the creation of a WEBSITE dedicated to the K12 opening system, was to enhance and illustrate the product in an appealing way, focusing on the aesthetic and functional characteristics, strengths and usage benefits.

Minimal Design

K12 Product website for Italiana Ferramenta - Neiko

The website layout, with minimalist graphic based on current trends, reflects the aesthetic features of K12 product, highlighting its form and functionality. The dark colors convey a concept of elegance and allow to further enhance the finishes of the product.
The elements are arranged according to graphic balance, enhanced with interactive animations that immediately illustrate the strengths of the product and the related technical data.
The website is responsive, so it’s optimized for smartphone and other devices, allowing an agile and immediate enjoyment of all content.

3D Animations

In order to further enhance the product, we’ve created 3D animations that illustrate the minimal design and elegance of its applications. The video on the homepage presents the product geometries with a close-up view, showing it as a high-tech valuable object.
Then there is a 3D video tutorial regarding the assembly and installation steps of the product.

Interactions and Call to Action

K12 Product website for Italiana Ferramenta - Neiko

Through the possibilities of interaction within the website, the user is further involved to surf deep in the content. To involve the user to continue the navigation,
the vertical scroll buttons within the various sections, shift the focus to the next element to be discovered. At the end of each page, the call-to-action buttons invite you to request additional information or to find the most suitable solution thanks to an online configurator.

K12 Product website for Italiana Ferramenta - Neiko
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