Jacuzzi Android Tablet and iPad Apps Muse, Energy & Frame

Graphic Design / Rendering / Augmented Reality / App Development

A perfect showcase to launch new Jacuzzi products: this is the mission behind Android tablet and iPad apps developed for Jacuzzi. Whirlpool baths and shiatsu hydromassage Energy and Muse and the hydromassage shower Frame are innovatively introduced to the public through the latest mobile communication tools.

Product presentation turning into experiential path.

Tablet apps for iOS and Android devices introduce the public to the relaxing Jacuzzi world thanks to advanced functionalities such as augmented reality and 3D interactive functions.

Android Tablet and iPad Apps Jacuzzi - Neiko

Energy App

Accurate 3D reconstruction of Energy whirlpool bath aims at displaying aesthetic features in detail as well as presenting innovative functionalities while in operation. Rotation, zoom and fluid animation contribute to perfectly showing cutting-edge functions. Elegant graphic layout and plain, usable menus make navigation simple while maintaining the style and value of brand identity.

Android Tablet and iPad Apps Jacuzzi - Neiko

Frame App

The new hydromassage shower Frame is reconstructed in 3D and shown in operation to efficiently illustrate the functioning of its control panel and related characteristics: instructions can be easily found in the touch screen panel and displayed in a video tutorial accompanying the user through the navigation.

Android Tablet and iPad Apps Jacuzzi - Neiko

Muse App

An innovative Android tablet and iPad app that involves the user, with built-in video animation and augmented reality that can be both activated through a marker on the product catalogue. The shiatsu hydromassage bath Muse is placed within a 3D setting and explained with texts and interactive three-dimensional images.

Interactive app

Rotation and zoom allow to effectively describe the design and functionality of the bath. Fluid animation contributes to practically showing how jets and chromotherapy function.

An animation with particle simulation realistically shows vapor. Color progression describes the specific features of the hydromassage product. Thanks to a touch screen display, the user can regulate the functions he would like to use.

Android Tablet and iPad Apps Jacuzzi - Neiko

Augmented Reality

Sensory perception is enhanced through 3D additional information, integrated via innovative technologies. When pointed using a camera, a marker in the catalogue shows the bath as superimposed to the 2D object on paper. It also enables the user to rotate the object virtually and zoom in on the 3D item with a simple pinch-to-zoom gesture.

Point the marker
Interact with the product
Save the image
Share it on social networks

Configuration on site

The product configurator developed for Jacuzzi Muse whirlpool bath is integrated in the tablet app. Using the camera of his mobile device, the user can display the 3D bath as located in the environment he’s pointing. Furthermore, characteristics and functionalities can be selected in order to obtain a preview of the product complete with the desired options.

Take a photo of the location
Choose the model of bath
Place it in the frame
Rotate it as you like
Save the image
Share it on social networks

Download the App
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App Frame

App Muse

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