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Photography / Web Design / SEO / Web Marketing / Social / Video / Graphic Design

A brand communication strategy is effectively addressed when all the potential promotion channels for a business are identified and assessed. A modern pull approach should be preferred to the traditional push strategy, as it can help improve visibility and outrank competitors.

Corporate Video

A corporate video presenting the company and its activities with a strong emotional appeal, enhanced by the human component, the employment of focused direction and post production techniques and music specifically written and recorded to engage the user. Video shooting, graphic design and 3D works are altogether designed to convey an innovative corporate image to the public. The communication goal is twofold: encourage the existing customers to learn more about the company on the one hand, and effectively present products to prospects on the other hand.

Website / Web Marketing

A user-friendly website with clear, well defined paths and a specific attention to web usability. Strategically using images of high emotional impact in a strictly industrial sector. Setting up multiple language domains for the six languages in which the project was developed, aimed at search engine optimization.

Visit the website:

Global Brand Communication – Neiko for Colussi Ermes - Neiko


Search engine optimization is essential for companies to be found on the web. Enhanced visibility is ensured by technical and stylistic techniques including careful management of HTML coding, images and texts inside the website.

Global Brand Communication – Neiko for Colussi Ermes - Neiko

Google Adwords

Pay-per-click campaigns allow to reach a broad user base all around the world with limited investment and higher flexibility. Highly-targeted, specifically designed Facebook PPC campaigns also contribute to promoting washing machines by Colussi Ermes.

Global Brand Communication – Neiko for Colussi Ermes - Neiko


Business pages were set up on the main social networks, strategically chosen together with the client. Pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube were appropriately designed to support and strengthen brand identity. Consulting is being regularly provided to the client, who independently manages its social accounts.

Catalogues Design

Global Brand Communication – Neiko for Colussi Ermes - Neiko
Global Brand Communication – Neiko for Colussi Ermes - Neiko
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