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Graphic Design / Photography / Rendering / Web Design / App Development

The Android and iOS apps, designed for both tablets and smartphones, allows interactive navigation through the Souq Waqif, the historic heart of Doha. The Android and iOS apps are also available offline and let users wander around the old part of the city. Buildings have been reconstructed in 3D for more immersive experience. The user’s location is detected thanks to GPS, which allows to guide him through points of interest using a routing system. The mobile app includes detailed tabs for each point of interest with descriptions, useful information, images and videos. Multi language versions in English and Arabic as well as cross platform efficiency and regular updates contribute to providing all-round customer experience. Real-time synchronization with content uploaded on the website is guaranteed by a dedicated CMS.

Discover Souq Waqif, its history and how to reach it
General and advanced keyword search for places
3D navigation on interactive, geolocation map
News, events, videos and photo galleries
Multilingual support in English and Arabic
iOS and Android apps, Website – Souq Waqif - Neiko

The iOS and Android applications include an interactive 3D map displaying the whole site and historic buildings, all geolocated and reconstructed in 3D. The site was reconstructed based on the photo shooting taken on the premises, that was also used as a base for the texturing process of the buildings. As the user explores the area, visits each point of interest and consults the related detailed tabs, he gets engaged in a virtual tour that suddenly turns into customer experience and introduces him to Qatari culture.

iOS and Android apps, Website – Souq Waqif - Neiko




iOS and Android apps, Website – Souq Waqif - Neiko

Offline, Cross-platform App

The mobile app is also available offline and supported on both iOS and Android systems. It works seamlessly on all mobile devices, be they smartphones or tablets. The project was awarded as one of the best apps of the year in the leisure section at Smau Mob App Award 2014.

iOS and Android apps, Website – Souq Waqif - Neiko

Localized Design

The graphic layout takes inspiration from photos taken on site for the 3D map reconstruction and recalls the architectural peculiarities of the Souq. Colors and geometric patterns outline decorations and symbols typical of local culture.

The website, just as the iOS and Android apps, is divided into functional sections. Such sections are primarily aimed at highlighting the specific characteristics of the place and allowing the client to update content autonomously in all the website using the dedicated CMS.

iOS and Android apps, Website – Souq Waqif - Neiko
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